I am responsible for handling and solving daily issues with our clients. This can be a simple issue around a sensor that was offline for a couple of hours or a more complicated technical issue regarding fitting our solutions to special request of our clients. I also work hard on new relationships with potential distributors in different countries in Europe. By informing these people about the solutions we offer and helping them through our whole process internally, I build on trust and transparency, which are some of the core values of our company.

Koen: our Client service specialist

Koen: our Client service specialist 

Client Service Specialist, that’s quite a term. To translate this into something that makes sense, I get to build and maintain valuable relationships with our clients. Besides you could see me as the person internally who knows our clients very well. In this role I can make sure we offer solutions that fit our clients' needs perfectly.

I find it rewarding and challenging to work with clients from different countries, in different languages and cultures.

“Getting to know your clients is the first step in building a valuable relationship”

Passion & Inspiration

When I joined PFM 6 years ago, the company had a different structure internally. For me that meant I worked on basically everything we do as a company. From sales (dealing with our partners) to IT (product testing) and from Data Management (data handling & repair) to administration (orders and invoices). I was the “Jack of all trades” at PFM at the time.   

Being a father of 2 girls and a soon-to-be husband to my girlfriend, I sometimes feel the “Jack of all trades” at home too. All 4 girls (our family dog as well 😉) need attention. Keeps me busy and energized!

“Every day is a new learning experience at PFM”  

THe best thing

I love being part of the international PFM team. Even though we have a lot of challenges, at the end of the day our team, in the Netherlands and the UK, always gets the job done and our clients happy! Sharing intercompany success stories allow us to learn from each other and improve every day!

Any last words

We have a clear vision on the future for PFM and I am confident it will be a fantastic journey!