Benefits & results  

High quality footfall data

Whether you own a small retail store or manage a large shopping centre, if you want to make effective business decisions, accurate and high-quality footfall data is what you need. PFM Footfall Intelligence counts visitors by using a variety of people counting devices at every entrance of a commercial area. Based on your needs, we will take a technology-agnostic approach to help you understand what goes on in your retail environment. We have devices suitable for every area/height situation. Below we will briefly explain the different devices we can offer.



3D stereoscopic counters use 2 lenses to facilitate depth perception. Depth information allows a camera to distinguish a group of people as separate objects. Therefore, it counts accurately even when more than 10 people are entering and exiting the store simultaneously. Note: we do not process video images.


Enhancing the in-store shopping experience starts by understanding how many shoppers come into your store/shopping centre using People Counting. The delivered data provides accurate and valuable insights on customer behaviour. It provides answers to questions such as; what brings people into your store(s), what route they take, how long people stay and what people buy. This valuable information enables our clients to make data driven decisions on strategy and operations.

Thermal counters 

We place our thermal counters on the ceiling at the entrance of your store. They accurately detect people by their body heat profile. Therefore, they count bi-directionally even when a number of people are passing simultaneously. 

Thermal counters are ideal for general people traffic counting and are widely used to monitor footfall in retail and leisure industries. For the reason that they are non-intrusive and unaffected by light, heat or inanimate objects, which can destabilize other technologies. With an accuracy of more than 96%, these devices provide accurate and high-quality data.


Object recognition

These sensors can identify and analyse different objects such as visitors, cyclist, cars and more. They also map direction of movement providing important insights in the behavior of different objects. Note: we do not process video images.


Traffic is the real potential of a store or shopping centre. Information about store traffic can help you:
• Analyse customer flows
• Evaluate impact of promotions
• Improve staff planning
• Determine optimal opening hours
• Optimise employee costs
If you take it one step further, it even allows you to make an assessment on the impact of weather on your customer visits. There is so much you can do with data. Would you like to know more about your options, please get in touch with us!