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It all starts with people counting! Enhancing the shopping experience begins by understanding how many shoppers come in your store. So whether you own a small retail store or manage a large shopping centre, if you want to make effective business decisions, accurate and high-quality footfall data is what you need. And that is just the beginning at PFM. 

Collecting and analysing footfall data is our core business. With our products we do not only deliver consistent accurate data, we are increasingly combining different data sources. By doing so we offer our clients even better insights that contribute to overall business performance improvements.

But why stop there? We would like to invite you to our world of data and retail analytics; our Planet PFM. We would like to show you, in real-time and at your doorstep, what data insights can do for your business. Read more about Planet PFM here or claim your demo now!

A walking crowd is a talking crowd

Our business is based on 4 important factors: hi-end technology, consistent data, data science and service. Learn more about our business here.

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hi-end Technology

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consistent data

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Data Science

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PFM is counting visitors in shops and malls 24 hours a day. Based on this data, you can determine the efficiency of your retail property. We provide the foundation for data-driven operational and strategic decisions such as: investments, operations and marketing effort which enables you to change direction on time.

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Working directly with clients across a range of sectors we offer a highly experienced team to design, procure and manage the implementation of ICT, Audio Visual and Intelligent Building technology.

Use data to improve your business

Collecting and analysing data is our core business. With our products we do not only deliver consistent accurate data. We combine, interpret and analyse data for our customers to improve their strategic and operational decisionmaking.  Through weekly reports, you are able to see what is happening at your location in one clear overview. We specialise in measuring and analysing footfall in shopping streets, shopping centres, stores and stations. Each of these markets requires their own approach and specific solution. We offer several products to help improve your business. Curious to see what we can do for your location? Get in touch with us: sales.uk@pfm-intelligence.com

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We offer systems to count and track people movement in any indoor or outdoor situation.

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Quick insight in sales, conversion and average spending.

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Benchmark footfall data and deliver actionable insights.

PFM Event monitor shopping centers


Find out how to spend your marketing budget wisely.

PFM footfall forecast


We can predict the number of visitors you can expect on a daily basis.

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Counting and monitoring the number of visitors in inner cities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We count in  


Over 35.000 shops


Over 30 transport hubs


450 shopping centres


More than 600 streets