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Customer Counting to improve business performance 

It is a must nowadays for retailers to have an adequate customer counting technology system. Having this will allow to optimise customer experience and, therefore, beat the competition. Measuring customer traffic is the best solution to collect factual data. By investing in a customer counting system from PFM Footfall Intelligence, you gather important customer data. The customer data will be analysed to improve business and store performance. The collected data will allow you to make informed decisions based on reliable data related to staff optimisation, product portfolio and customer service. This, consequently, will boost conversion rates and overall store performance. 

Smart decision making is all about applying the insights gained from analysing customer data. 
And that is exactly what we do here at PFM. 

Customer data offers many valuable insights 


The conversion rate is the percentage of customers who come into your store versus the people who leave your store with a purchase. 

Staff planning

Staff planning

Information on your busiest hours enables you to allocate the right number of staff to serve incoming traffic and provide better service to customers.  

Dwell time

Dwell time

How long do people stay in your store or shopping centre on average? And do they stay long enough to make a purchase?  How does dwell time develop over time? 


Gain quantitative insights on the impact of marketing campaigns and leverage performance to establish the most profitable leasing rates.

Returning visitors

Returning visitors

Insights on the number of returning visitors is valuable as they are more likely to purchase goods than a new customer. 

We count in  

Over 35.000 shops

Over 30 transport hubs
450 shopping centres
More than 600 streets


The significance of customer counting   

In today’s competitive environment retailers that don’t measure customers are falling short. Customer traffic is a valid measure of a store’s marketing and performance. By analysing the gap between the number of people entering a store and the actual purchases made, it is possible to analyse the customer journey and find explanations for the lack of transactions. Make sure you do not fall behind and start using this must-have tool to use in both operational and strategic decisions. 

PFM Footfall Intelligence data analysis, perception & forecasting  

At PFM we concentrate not only on the collection of customer data, but also on converting this data into valuable insights.  The data is presented in logical and easy to read reports to understand exactly what is going on at the location. These reports are the basis of all data-driven decisions. On top of that, we also forecast what can be expected to happen in terms of visitor numbers on a day to day basis, with an accuracy of 80-95%. 



From entrance to exit - the insights      

Counting customers means measuring the following elements:

· How many people actually come in and leave the store 
· What is the busiest time across the year
· What is the conversion rate of the store
· How long do customers tend to hang around in the shop
· Is this customer a returning customer 



Our approach to customer counting       

At PFM Footfall Intelligence we have the knowledge and experience to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to improving store performance and conversion rates across different markets. The only way to make an informed business decision is by analysing complete and trustworthy customer data. The collected data is the foundation of our business and provides a custom approach and solution to each client.

people counting in several markets  

   At PFM Footfall Intelligence we have counted customers in over 35.000 shops, over 30 transport hubs, 450 shopping centres, and in more than 600 streets. We specialise in people counting in the following markets

Shopping streetsShopping centresShopsStations  

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