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The future of retail is data

Understanding and managing customer behaviour and store operations have taken centre stage. Retail businesses, particularly those operating in busy locations such as high streets, shopping centres and city centres, are increasingly turning to footfall counting and people flow management solutions.

These innovative tools help retail operators and real estate management companies navigate the complexities of their environments. They provide valuable insights into visitor numbers, people flow, and space usage, equipping businesses with the knowledge needed to manage their spaces effectively and provide superior customer experiences.

Many retail operations and services still depend on physical visits, which often lack the insights of their digital equivalents. Hence, managing and understanding customer behaviour in these physical spaces becomes paramount to understanding the entire customer journey. Utilising footfall counting and people flow management solutions, businesses can monitor the number of visitors on their premises, gain insights into promotional campaigns and a provide pleasant shopping experience.

Retail Innovations and Their Impact

These advancements in retail are reshaping the way businesses operate, offering numerous benefits. By tracking visitor numbers and flow, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour - how long they stay in a store, which areas see the most traffic, how well a shop window attracts customers, and even usage patterns of facilities like restrooms. 

This data provides actionable insights that can guide business decisions and strategies, from shop layout to staffing, and cleaning schedules. Moreover, these tools even offer predictive analysis, forecasting future visitor trends, which is a powerful resource for planning, management, and even determining rental rates.

How People Flow Management Works

Modern footfall counting systems have evolved significantly from the rudimentary laser counters of the past. Today, the technology not only counts the number of people entering a space but also provides a wealth of data on customer behaviour - all while ensuring privacy.

These services and technologies, often referred to as "People Flow Management", involve customising these solutions based on each location's unique requirements and objectives. Tailored solutions deliver maximised benefits, ensuring each stakeholder gets the most out of the technology.

In the journey of digital transformation, API-driven smart technologies, capacity monitoring tools, and real-time data capturing are some of the key innovations being harnessed. APIs integrate various aspects of people flow management, offering a streamlined experience and converting raw data into usable insights as well as communication with third-party solutions. 

Capacity monitoring platforms provide an average of 99% accurate tracking, helping businesses manage their spaces efficiently. Additionally, by capturing historical and live data, companies can identify peak times and areas of improvement and make informed decisions on staffing and operations.

Expert Guidance in Digital Transformation

PFM brings a wealth of experience in guiding retail operators and real estate management companies through this digital transformation. From discussing your needs and proposing tailored solutions, to overseeing installation and providing ongoing support, our experts are with you every step of the way.

After installation, our data specialists can monitor the sensors, generating detailed reports based on visitor counts. These reports, offered on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, offer invaluable insights to aid your decision-making process. We also help you set up real-time dashboards so your own team is able to see the insights and immediately take action to meet KPIs.

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Final Thoughts

Navigating the challenges of the retail landscape calls for innovative thinking and the adoption of advanced technological solutions. Through technologies like People Flow Management and footfall counters, businesses can secure their future in retail, enhancing efficiencies, and benefiting from the insights that technology provides.

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