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Before knowing, you have to measure.

 At PFM we specialise in the knowledge of measuring people flows in a privacy-safe manner. We aim to provide you with a clear overview of not only the current visitor numbers or occupancy rates of a particular area, but also the subsequent actions, where you can actively see what certain actions do to the high street or town. In this way, certain actions or improvements can be compared with each other and made transparent.

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Innovations in retail

People Flow Management or, in short, PFM, has been working in the field of measurement for almost 40 years, and in this time a lot has happened, and most notably, a lot has been innovated. What are the latest innovations in retail, where does the future of high streets or town centres lie, which retail initiatives should you, as a municipality, take into account when deciding how to help consumers come back?

Learn what technology is out there, and how PFM today, is helping to support the re-opening of businesses throughout the UK with the IT Solutions of tomorrow.

Retail analytics

See the interests of retail analytics as a solution that will move you forward as a municipality. With an overview of people flow tech systems like PFM Footfall, municipalities get real-time data on how people move in and around shops. This information will further help municipalities decide where to invest their grant money to help local businesses reopen and fully recover from the pandemic and to plan for customers' long-term return to town. 

Connect the possibilities of today with the goals of the future.

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footfall count

You are ready for footfall management, you see the numerous possibilities of measuring and creating footfall traffic anayltics. High street footfall data is central in the future to monitor and improve the retail presence. You will see the effect of the marketing solutions that you deploy for this. PFM is open to discuss this with you in order to inform, guide and advise you on a customised solution.

PFM provides the solution!


If you have any questions or you would like to know more about our retail solutions? Please contact me:

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