Footfall in shopping areas

Better insight through measurement.

 Since the pandemic, everyone is talking about the 'new normal'. From data, we know that patterns first change before people come to this realisation. This is exactly what we are already seeing in the visitor data of shopping areas & shopping centres. 

The graph above shows, for example, that the number of visitors in the district shopping centres is still 14% lower than before Corona in 2019. In sharp contrast to this are the turnover figures which in the food-related sectors rose by an average of around 8% in the same period (Source: CBS).

The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the quality of the visitor has increased significantly. We shop more often on our own and visit the district shopping centres less frequently. Corona has taught us, whether forced or not, to shop more efficiently. Our sensors also clearly show a decrease in group size. This more efficient shopping behaviour has continued into the "new normal".

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