Software Engineer

We are looking for a software engineer for our headquarters in Alphen aan den Rijn.  

4-5 days per week (32-38 hours). Due to COVID, most employees are working from home, with an occasional day at the office. If you prefer working at the office, this is possible too.  

Who are we?

You may have never heard of us, but we have likely counted you somewhere. PFM Footfall Intelligence tracks people’s movement and behaviour on thousands of spots in the Netherlands through sensors. We collect data and analyse this data, which leads to valuable insights for our clients. We are a market leader in counting people in retail environments. We build products for retailers, shopping centres, and stations that want to count people and quantify customer behaviour. Our systems are installed throughout Europe and most of the big shopping centres in the Netherlands and the UK are equipped with our technology. We count people for our clients within retail, from individual retail stores to large chains, stations, municipalities and real estate investment firms.  
At PFM we have one mission: helping our clients make strategic and operational decisions, by providing them with data-driven insights on their locations. Different versions of our software and sensors are used for 20 years and really make a difference in their business activities. With technology that is constantly evolving and the amount of data that is rapidly increasing, a huge opportunity lays ahead! 

What is the challenge?

We have a small development team with numerous challenges: thousands of sensors (IoT), many data flows, small and big clients and a front-end that is actively changing in collaboration with our Data Science team. We are looking for someone who would like to be involved in the entire process, from IoT and data streams until front-end and UX, and specialise in 1 or more of these topics.  

On the short term, our main challenge is to complete our new “flagship product” feature and connect it to the data streams from sensors that are still delivering data to our previous (stable) version of the software.  

At the moment we are a small team where everyone does everything at times. In the long-term, you can decide what your focus area could be. Do you want to develop in Infra? Ops? Front-end? Back-end? Data science? Let’s talk about it! 

What does our engineering team like about PFM?

  • Every company has a few places where ‘legacy’ hides. Especially if the company has been delivering software and hardware solutions for 20 years. However, we know how to separate ‘the old’ and ‘the new’ and we can allocate almost all our time on innovation, using the lessons we have learned from the past.  
  • We are a small team, but we work with strong partners. Because of this, we can learn a lot in a short period of time. We can influence the entire process, but also have the opportunity to pick up work that fits our ambitions.  
  • A down-to-earth mentality with old-fashioned, real filter coffee.  

Do you want to make the difference?

As a developer, you are involved in the end-to-end development process and are capable of thinking about architecture, solutions, and the UI/UX designs, before you translate them into code. Our stack runs in the AWS-cloud, so experience with cloud (native) development is a plus. We expect you to play an active role and decide what our applications look like and how they work. We value open communication and good cooperation between you and the team to reach our mutual goals. We expect you to be passionate about creating solutions, enjoy working in a team, and always have ‘the bigger picture’ in mind. Satisfied users and good teamwork are our most important goal! 

What do you need? 

  • Minimal 3 years’ experience in building web and/or data-driven applications ‘in production’.
  • At least 1 programming language in which you dare to say you are ‘senior level’ and 2 programming languages you have worked with. 
  • Experience in HTML/CSS
  • Willingness to help with the whole process, from data processing to front-end.
  • Willingness to invest time in learning about:
    • C#, PHP & Javascript / typescript
    • Cloud-native engineering on AWS
    • Angular 8+ 
  • You master the English language. 

What gives you an edge?

  • Demonstrable experience in working with a team
  • Experience in data-driven user-facing products
  • Experience with the development of cloud-native solutions in AWS
  • Experience with ‘big data’ processing
  • Experience with 1 or more front-end javascript frameworks 
  • Experience in ‘end-to-end’ teams, who clearly connect customer- and commercial objectives with a solid engineering process
  • At the headquarters, the Dutch language is spoken, and English is written. It is an advantage if you manage the Dutch language for social conversations.
  • Experience with .net core framework 

Email your resume and motivation letter to  

Resumes are deleted 4 weeks after the end of the application procedure at the latest. Acquisition for this vacancy is not appreciated.