I started at PFM in 2002 as a software developer. At that time, I 'took over' the IT department and basically started from scratch. I was responsible for the foundation of PFM's digital infrastructure. This enabled me to develop a skill set that is unique within PFM.

A lot has changed in recent years. PFM has grown, both in customers and in colleagues. Especially in the IT department. There is a major focus on the development of new software.

Gerrit: our IT/ICT Developer

Gerrit: our IT/ICT Developer

In my position as Sr IT/ICT Developer I am responsible for maintaining networks and existing software. This means internally I am the point of contact for my colleagues when there are network issues. But my work doesn’t end there. I also have a lot of direct contact with our customers. I know what our customers are working with and I can provide support with software-related issues. This is one of the greatest things of my job, because I can fix their problems immediately. I am also involved in new projects, such as the installation of free Wi-Fi networks at shopping centres.

"Every day is a new challenge"

Passion & Inspiration

At PFM we offer free Wi-Fi networks for shopping centres. This type of project is a great challenge for me. I believe that there is much to gain in free Wi-Fi networks. This is definitely something I would like to develop myself in.

In my spare time, I enjoy building websites and spending time with family and friends. The same friends and family obviously know me well and ask me to help them with their computer problems. Of course, I am always happy to help.

"It is nice to see that the work you do is important for the company"

THe best thing

One of the programs I wrote in 2002 is still used today. I have made many updates and improvements of course, but the basis has proved to be so well applicable to PFM that it has been used for so long. Surely something to be proud of!

Any last words

"Looking back at the past 17 years, I can say it’s been a great ride. I am positive that with the right choices and innovations, PFM will continue to be very successful".