I have worked in several companies within the footfall business before joining the PFM team in 2016. So, I guess I can say I bring a fair amount of experience to PFM. I believe a good data analyst is curious and detail-oriented.  I like to think I am able to see patterns and anomalies the minute I look at a spreadsheet.

It is of great importance to me to be a valuable partner to our clients, because we provide them with important information to help grow their business. They make business changing decisions based on what I deliver! Isn’t that just about the greatest thing you can do for our clients?

Andy: our data analyst


our data analyst 

A data analyst spends a significant amount of time gathering data, organising it and using it to reach meaningful conclusions. Based on these conclusions a data analyst produces reports that give management insights about new trends on the horizon as well as areas the company may need to improve upon. In order to produce these reports, a data analyst first has to be able to see important patterns in the data. 

Data that is collected without proper examination is worthless. A data analyst’s true job is to add value to a company—either their own or their client's. I have the amazing job of making the data we collect insightful and easy to understand. By doing this I provide additional value to our clients to help them make informed decisions for their business.

“Big data is the foundation of all trends”

Passion & Inspiration

I live in the best part of the UK (which obviously is the North!) who loves football, a proper English meal and my family. Since I became part of the PFM family and our HQ is based in Holland (quite near to Amsterdam), I have visited this amazing city several times and I love it! I am a big fan of all things Dutch, they have their Heineken, the stroopwafels (I have issues pronouncing it though) and so many other amazing things, but most of all I just love wandering around in the city of Amsterdam with my family.     

My main focus is to deliver the best information to our clients and being a trusted partner. Customer service is so important! I love being part of an international team and being able to work together on many exciting projects!

"I believe in data-driven decision-making"

THe best thing

I am part of a passionate group of people who do everything to help our clients. And as we get to work with so many great clients, it just makes the work that much more fun and rewarding.

Any last words

Big Data is getting more important every day! And that’s just exactly what we are good at!