I applied for this job through an agency. Although I stipulated that I didn’t want to work in Corby, there was a match, because here I am... In the Corby office 11 years this June!

I am a strong believer in being passionate about your job. Where is the fun if you don’t enjoy what you are doing? I have over 50 years’ experience in finance and have always worked for smaller companies so I have covered many tasks associated with accounts and office management.  

Liz: our accountant

I am responsible for our UK finance team, including HR administration. My tasks include monthly accounts, in-house payroll and insurance renewals. I have 2 colleagues in my department for Purchase Ledger invoice processing and all Sales Invoicing and maintenance contract renewals. I report my monthly figures to my colleague in the Netherlands. Besides I provide extensive reports to our external accountants at year end. So as you can see, loads of different things to do, which keeps it challenging and fun! 

“Where is the fun if you don't enjoy what you are doing"

Passion & Inspiration

The passion I have for my job is something I share with my finance colleagues. I started at PFM on a full-time basis then reduced to 4 days and now 3 days per week in preparation for retirement although, at the present time, I have not decided when this will be. Outside of work I enjoy gardening and going to the cinema and theatre. 

"I feel part of the PFM family"

THe best thing

One of the nicest things was meeting our Dutch colleagues in London some years ago. I am in close contact with some of our Dutch colleagues, so it is always really nice to see each other in person.

Any last words

"My current goal is to successfully ensure that my department adapts to Odoo and to get over the trials and tribulations that always comes with a new system. Really looking forward to it!"