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Did you know that when consumers have a positive shopping experience their spending is increased by almost 40%! People counting (footfall) is a crucial element in yielding insights and understanding the factors contributing to this positive experience for retail customers. Variables such as the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, staffing solutions and physical store optimization all have impacts on this experience for the consumer. Converting these insights into useful and practical actions will help you improve your store’s performance and increase profits. Having reliable people counting system is common practice within the retail industry, so it is imperative that you don’t get left behind!

We count in  

Over 35.000 shops

Over 30 transport hubs
450 shopping centres
More than 600 streets

The advantages of footfall data for retailers

The benefits of footfall data for retailers can be split up in 4 main focus areas:

optimal staff allocation 

People counting systems will allow you to optimise staff planning and daily operations by determining the correct number of staff to attend to customers and achieve outstanding customer service. There will be a positive correlation between improving customer service and maximising the sales opportunities. As a retailer, you will be provided with insights into the amount of staff required during holiday periods, the effectiveness of staff during peak and non-peak hours, as well as being able to construct and understand reliable forecasts. In addition to this, the data provided will assist with improved financial structure which will ultimately benefit the retailers profitability. 

sales conversion

Retail people counting systems help retailers evaluate their potential to increase sales and profits. Simply analysing revenue achieved is an inadequate method of evaluating this. By looking at the traffic ratio compared to the number of sales is a much more efficient and effective tool. Making it evident that stores that provide an excellent customer experience will have a higher conversion rate. Missed opportunities become more transparent as well as being able to compare performance between multiple retail stores. Qualitative customer traffic data allows a comprehensive examination of the way consumers shop and establish valid sales performances during varying periods within each retail stores.  


marketing campaigns performance

Footfall data allows you to measure and quantify the impact that marketing strategies have. Analysing this data allows you to understand factors such as the frequency of new or returning customers, whether target audience are in attendance, ROI, conversation rates etc. Ultimately, helping you as the retailer to make improved budgeting decisions during the process of creating future campaigns. 

understanding customer behaviour

To stand out from other retailers, applying footfall behavioural analysis allows you to gain insights to elements such as: the time customers spend within the store, popular routes that customers use within the store, product placement optimisation, waiting times and more. Being able to turn these valuable insights into meaningful reports permit you to discover and improve your store performance. 


How do we count in your retail location?   

We use a variety of people counting devices to count in your retail location. This can be in your retail store, at the entrance, or in your shopping centre or another commercial area. After we have discussed your wishes and needs, we take a technology-agnostic approach to help you interpret what is happening at your location. We know like no other that every location is different and requires a different approach and device (suited to the specific area/height situation). The devices we can offer:

PFM Footfall Intelligence data analysis, perception & forecasting  

At PFM we concentrate not only on the collection of customer data, but also on converting this data into valuable insights.  The data is presented in logical and easy to read reports to understand exactly what is going on at the location. These reports are the basis of all data-driven decisions. On top of that, we also forecast what can be expected to happen in terms of visitor numbers on a day to day basis, with an accuracy of 80-95%. 


Retail cases
At PFM we have a lot of experience counting people in Retail. Take look at all our cases here. Some highlights of how people counting systems in retail have been used to increase sales:
One of the largest jewellery chains in the Netherlands, with over 100 stores, has a strong need to understand their busiest hours, deploy sufficient staff and gain more insight in the conversion per store. With the help of people counting systems they achieved an understanding of what is currently happening in the stores and are able to predict footfall in future situations. Management is now capable of making smart business decisions based on reliable footfall data.


This sport & adventure retail chain had a strong desire to see how customers move in their physical stores. They also wished to see what the attraction of the new store is to the shoppers. Using PFM Footfall Intelligence’s retail people counting systems they are able to adjust the layout of specific stores by introducing particular product groups at a different location in the store. These changes rapidly led to an increase in conversion.


Retail people counting systems
When it comes to People Counting Solutions, PFM Footfall Intelligence is your key to understanding data and footfall at a deeper level. Our knowledge and experience exceed beyond solely providing the right data. We strive to always provide all possible analyses and interpretations. Read more about the different levels of data we offer here. Curious to see what we can do for your retail store(s)? Nothing is impossible! Contact us today.


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