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Retail Analytics

Retail today is being shaped by empowered customers asking for more and more comfort, adaptability, cooperation and flexibility from retailers. To keep customers happy in this fiercely competitive industry, retailers employ Retail Analytics in order to gain information and insights concerning their shopping experience. They use these insights to ensure  customers keep coming back. These insights provide information about store traffic, inventory levels, staff planning, conversion ratios and more. In essence, Retail Analytics is used to improve decision making, to run your business more efficiently and to enhance customer service. It also helps in understanding the target audience and demographic.        

We count in

Over 35.000 shops

Over 30 transport hubs

450 shopping centres

 More than 600 streets

Make profitable decisions using Retail Analytics

Now more than ever it is important to predict and connect to your customers’ retail needs. These challenging times for retailers require them to offer exactly what the customers want, for the right price and at the right time. The field of retail analysis is far more than trivial data analysis, using techniques like data science to combine and interpret any set of qualitative and quantitative data. The important part is not only to understand what the data means, but also being able to translate this into actionable and valuable insights for retailers to improve their store’s performance.        

People counting analytics

The real potential of any store or shopping centre is the amount of traffic. People counting analytics is key for retailers to understand the number of visitors in their store right now, or during any given time period. This data is the source from which retailers can obtain and comprehend information about the number of people physically in the store and the number of people leaving without converting to a specific goal. Besides increasing the conversion ratio, other results to be achieved are:

  • Customer flow management
  • Identifying customer trends
  • Interpreting the results and effects of promotions or marketing campaigns
  • Improving staff planning and optimising employee expenditures
  • Deciding on the best possible opening hours

Enhance the shopping experience at your location

Whether you are the owner of a small retail store or manage a large shopping center, in order to make smart business decisions, reliable and robust  footfall data is a necessity.  . Retail Analytics has evolved into being one of the most effective tools out there for retailers. The information and insights enable  fact based, insight-driven decision making to enhance financial, operational and strategic excellence. Retailers need to  understand what drives their customers and gain better  intelligence to improve the experience customers have at their location.     

We count people in various environments  

We  specialise in 4 main commercial counting areas; streetsshopping centresshops and stations. We recognise that every area needs a different approach.  Specific counting solutions are offered for each different location and business. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach  at PFM Footfall Intelligence, we offer tailor-made footfall solutions every time. Are you curious to see what we could do for your location? Contact us through +44 7801 596445 or Together we will optimize your location.