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People Counting Systems 

In order to gain a deeper understanding of your business, we offer counting technology systems that track people movement within indoor and outdoor environments. Our people counting systems support shopping centres, streets, stations, retail stores and other commercial spaces. By gaining access to valuable insights, you will be supported in making smarter operational and strategic decisions. Our data consultants combine, interpret and analyse all data and convert these key data findings into concrete and actionable improvements. Read more about the ways in which we use data!   

Smart decision making is all about applying the insights gained from analysing customer data. 
And that is exactly what we do here at PFM.


Footfall Counting Technology 

We are the only specialist offering a full range of people counting systems and devices. We have laser, thermal, stereo/mono video, 3D infrared camera’s and horizontal infrared beams. Wireless solution are also possible. To ensure quality we check your data daily to spot any discrepancies and we transmit all data safely at all times. There are a lot of different reporting tools available. Each tool visualises data in a different way. In our  We have generated a smart and thorough dashboard in which it is straightforward and quick to report all kinds of data.

Rather use your own systems and reporting tools? No problem. We can connect you to our API.

We count in  

Over 35.000 shops

Over 30 transport hubs
450 shopping centres
More than 600 streets



People counting in stations and streets

Using people counting systems in stations is especially meaningful for not only operational excellence, but also for improving customer experience and safety. Counting in streets allows to acquire information about the way people navigate in cities, which hotspots draw people, barriers in movement, and more.

People counting in shops  

The environment in retail shops is very dynamic and needs accurate observation. Customer behaviour is hard to pin down, very complex and always changing. This is exactly the reason it is critical to find out what the number of visitors is, how many of these visitors turn into buyers and what the best possible staff to customer ratio is. And these numbers need to be obtained in a consistent and trustworthy manner in order to make important in-store decisions about staff, traffic and marketing efforts.

People counting in shopping centres 

Shopping centres draw a vast amount of people due to shopping and entertainment possibilities. Counting people in shopping centres using PFM Footfall Intelligence’s counting technology allows to efficiently oversee occupancy levels, optimise retail spaces, maximise shopper engagement, forecast footfall and explore new leasing models. By having the correct knowledge about customer data, it is possible to shape the visitor’s journey. Shoppers having a positive shopping experience will spend more money. This is a fact. People counting plays a big part in achieving this by providing the insights necessary to create a positive shopping experience and reaching optimal efficiency in malls.  

PFM Footfall Intelligence data analysis, perception & forecasting  

At PFM we concentrate not only on the collection of customer data, but also on converting this data into valuable insights.  The data is presented in logical and easy to read reports to understand exactly what is going on at the location. These reports are the basis of all data-driven decisions. On top of that, we also forecast what can be expected to happen in terms of visitor numbers on a day to day basis, with an accuracy of 80-95%. 


Realize your true potential with people counting

Making effective business decisions in all kind of markets requires smart and reliable people counting. Big Data and Data Science are popular terms these days – and for good reason. PFM Footfall Intelligence’s people counting systems provide access to real-time insights about customer behaviour. These insights are a powerful competitive advantage in many industries. Our data consultants not only collect your data but are also committed to combine and analyse your data in order to make data transparent, easy to read and usable. Read more about our previous cases and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to explore counting in your location.


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