Interesting facts & insights

Ready for the holiday season?

Even though it is ‘only’ October the holiday season is already in full swing. The importance of retail’s performance in the coming months can determine a store’s trajectory in a year where the industry has had some serious struggles. With almost weekly news on bankruptcies and brands having difficulties keeping their numbers positive, the stakes […]

Introducing Susan van Wissen

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Susan van Wissen as Product Owner at PFM Footfall Intelligence. As a Product Owner Susan will be the link between our clients and our software development teams. With innovation as core value of number 1, it is her goal, together with the multifunctional development team, to exceed […]

Products: PFM Forecast

In addition to the footfall data that PFM manages on behalf of our clients, we also offer various products to make predictions for the future footfall performance of your assets, such as the PFM Event Monitor and the PFM Forecast. The PFM Forecast is a detailed overview of what you can expect in the coming […]

Products: PFM Annual Overview

We offer numerous products so we can give our customers even more insight into the performance of their retail real estate, for example an extensive annual overview of one or more locations. When preparing an annual overview, specific requirements are always discussed with the client upfront. We like to include external data (such as weather, […]

Privacy & Wi-Fi

Due to frequent news coverage, in particular regarding Wi-Fi, we believe it is of great importance to inform you about how we handle privacy.In this animation we would like to show you how information is obtained using Wi-Fi technology and what measures we have taken with regard to processing the data in accordance with the […]