monitor pedestrians and visitors in inner cities

STREETS: Measure the performance of your town or city 24/7

monitor pedestrian flows and retail traffic

counting 24/7

PFM counts the number of pedestrians and visitors in inner cities and large shopping areas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Using fixed counting points, we are able to monitor pedestrian flows and retail traffic.

The fixed counting points are located in both shopping areas and shopping centres, most of which in A1 or B1 locations.

Counting Streets

learn about

  • How people navigate through the city
  • How to identify hotspots
  • What attracts visitors to your city
  • How to react in case of emergencies
  • How to identify barriers to movement

measure city performance 

Counting Streets weekly overview

weekly overview

We provide our clients with insights in the average number of visitors in specific areas in several countries. In a weekly overview we share several indexes. Such as, a national visitors index, regional distribution per country and a week- and weather overview.

With this information municipal authorities understand better how people use certain cities. Also, it helps to increase safety in case of emergencies and makes it easier to plan and optimize future activities in urban planning. Would you like to know more about people counting in your city, please contact us  


There are many footfall counting systems installed in and around town centres up and down the UK so that Councils have footfall information specifically to evaluate the impact of investment. Like, Council is Caerphilly.


PFM has been awarded a contract to supply a site-wide footfall system to cover the full 64 acre site gradually over the 5-year build schedule. We will deliver footfall data for each of these as well as an overall site total.

Case #3 NORAH

At the beginning of this year we were approached by Norah, because they wanted to professionalize the business. The PFM solution provides Norah with important insights into the number of visitors in all their stores.


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