reduce travel time and improve security


Understand and improve passenger flows and experience

Measure movements

Optimising passenger flows around stations and airports is important operationally and for enhancing the customer experience. Thanks to our high level of accuracy and advanced counting capability, we are able to identify even the most complex behaviours. PFM is working continuously to measure movements, identify patterns, and predict trends. Our vision for the public transport sector is characterised by the combination of Business Intelligence Visitor Data, Machine Learning and AI.
Efficient insights on visitors in your station or airport.

get insights in

  • How many people enter and exit the station
  • What is the relation between visitor and travellers
  • How long do people stay on average
  • How to identify hot spots and barriers to movement
  • How to act efficiently in case of emergency

The London Tube, with its 275 stations, is among the most advanced metropolis in Europe. They have installed PFM detectors over the past few years to collect visitors analysis to improve service and safety. Recently, the 2000th detector was installed, so that no passenger is un-counted leaving the station.

Analysis of blended data

Thanks to our clever combination of sensors and measuring systems, combined with WiFi- and Bluetooth data and other third party data PFM provides the most sophisticated analysis of blended data. The monitoring system reduces travel time, costs, improves security and ensures that the environment is less burdened by minimising waiting times. Would you like to know more about counting footfall in complex public transport areas, please contact Ian Muir,    
Blended data from WiFi, Bluetooth and 3rd party solutions.


Network Rail is at the heart of revitalizing Britain's railway. From Crossrail - Europe's largest civil engineering project - to investment in world-class stations and major programmes of electrification, they are involved in some of the most ambitious and diverse ventures that the UK has ever seen.

Case #2 INTU

PFM were approached by Intu in 2016 to provide a more reliable solution for their extensive portfolio of centres. They had a number of different suppliers at the time but were not really happy with any of them. PFM offered to complete an initial installation to prove our capability.

Case #3 LUSH

When PFM were contacted by Lush they had already installed a competitors system in 20 stores but were not happy with the results. We offered to initially replace these systems in order to prove the efficiency of our installation process and at the same time improve system accuracy.


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