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Knowledge is key

PFM offers retail analytic solutions that will help drive your sales conversion, marketing effectiveness and staff planning accordingly. The retail industry is becoming more complex and customer behaviour is constantly changing. By using people counting, PFM provides valuable insights to help you understand what is happening inside your retail space. 

For example, our expertise and advanced counting techniques ensure detailed and accurate information on customer movement. Discover how long customers stay in your store, what route do they take, which products are picked up and what the average spend is in your store. A profound understanding of your customers behaviour gives you the opportunity to adapt your strategy quickly. This enables you to make informed decisions supported by data. Start improving your store performance!

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Insights in

  • What signage works
  • How to strategically position staff
  • The male/female ratio of your customers 
  • Your customers' mood and age category
  • How to improve sales performance
  • What type of display attracts the most customers
  • How to increase conversion
  • Successful places for product displaying
  • How to improve your customer service
  • How to improve store performance

RETAIL analytics to understand YOUR customers better


Our online platform, the PFM Retail Dashboard, enables you to access your data whenever and wherever you want. Easy to understand information enable our clients to improve store performance and layout, maximize sales potential and enhance efficiency in staffing.

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Lush is a professional organisation where the customer and the customer experience are the main focus. When making decisions in line with this philosophy, management makes decisions based on data. Years ago this resulted in the partnership with PFM as a supplier of people counting systems and footfall data. The question was clear: Understanding footfall data to increase conversion and plan staff effectively.

Case #2 Perry

Until 2016, Perry only knew exactly how the customer navigated through the online store. With the development of the new store concept in December 2016, there was a strong need to see how the customer moves through the physical stores and what the attraction of the new store is to the shoppers. With the PFM footfall counters, they are able to switch to changing shopping behavior at any time.

Case #3 Norah

At the beginning of this year we were approached by Norah, because they wanted to professionalize the business. The request towards PFM was therefore to install people counting systems in their nearly 50 stores (spread across the Netherlands) to gain more insight into conversion. Before the order was given for all stores, Norah first wanted to see what PFM could mean for Norah.


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