PFM has a broad experience in footfall counting in various commercial areas. In recent years, we have specialized in 4 focus areas; streetsshopping centresshops and stations. Each of these markets requires their own approach and customer specific solution. After visiting your location, we can set up a plan of action applied to your specific location and wishes. No standard ready-to-use packages, but tailor-made solutions.

One of the markets, Retail it's important to understand your customers behaviour.


Retail is on the move, so as a retailer it is important to know what moves your customer to and in your store(s). A profound understanding of constantly changing shopper behaviour enables you to adjust your strategy at any given moment.

Make strategic decisions based on shopping behaviours.


Thorough knowledge of your customers and their shopper behaviour enables you to increase your venue’s profitability. We provide the foundation for data-driven operational and strategic decision making.

Monitor pedestrian flows and retail traffic.


PFM counts the number of pedestrians and visitors in inner cities and large shopping areas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By using fixed counting points, we are able to monitor pedestrian flows and retail traffic.

Optimise passenger flows around stations.


Optimising passenger flows around stations is important operationally and for enhancing the customer experience. Our high level of accuracy and advanced counting capability enable us to identify even the most complex behaviours.