We specialise in hi-end technology, data and consultancy on footfall counting and related data science.

PFM FOOTFALL INTELLIGENCE is a technology consultancy partner specialising in footfall counting and related data science. Working directly with clients across a range of sectors we offer a highly experienced team to design, procure and manage the implementation of ICT, Audio Visual and Intelligent Building technology.

Our team boasts an enviable track record of dealing with blue chip clients across all sectors. Projects typically range from high-level technical development, detailed design and on-going project management through to project sign off.

PFM has a truly unique offer: Internationally renowned for its high level of professionalism and expertise. We work on a collaborative basis and remain committed to working in partnership with our clients in assisting them to achieve their objectives. We address any of our client needs or concerns as a fundamental part of our consultancy work, whilst always working within a defined framework to ensure realistic goals and ultimately a positive outcome.

hi-end technology

hi-end Technology

We offer systems to count and track people movement in shopping malls. The information provided supports you in making key strategic and operational decisions. We are the only specialist offering a full range of counting devices; laser, radar, thermal, stereo/mono video and 3D infrared camera’s and horizontal infrared beams. We also offer wireless solutions for use in stores or entire Shopping Malls.

Consistent data

consistent data

It is our mission to support and improve your business by helping you optimise your ROI. We offer a flexible range of reporting tools. We have developed a comprehensive retail dashboard, making it easy and fast to report all kinds of data. If you prefer to use your own systems and reporting tools, we can connect you to our API. Your data is always safely transmitted and daily checked for discrepancies.

Data science


Everything is about combining and applying data in and around physical stores and Shopping Malls. Different data specialists work with a wide range of qualitative (social behaviour) and quantitative (visitor numbers) data from off-line channels.
We offer full support in analysing your data. Whether you need an extensive rapport to calculate your ROI or quick insights for last minute decision-making.



A successful partnership means our work starts when the installation is complete. We provide a full maintenance support for all our systems, including preventative on-site service visits. The data from each counting device is subject to a daily check. Our service department offers Global coverage. We constantly monitor the quality of your data to detect and prevent data loss.


Are you looking for consistent, reliable data? Or are you interested in having your data analysed. Are you curious about how your location is performing compared to others in your industry? What is the effect of the weather on footfall? And exactly what is the effect on the amount of visitors when people just receive their salaries? There are so many questions about data and what you can do with it.

At PFM we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with not only the right data, but all possible analyses and interpretations. Nothing is impossible! Would you like to know what we can do for your location? Please contact us via

Data levels


At PFM Footfall counters and its collected data is the foundation of our business. Footfall data enables you to make informed and reliable decisions on staff optimization, product portfolio and customer service. These factors will increase conversion rates and improve store performance.


The importance of data doesn’t revolve around how much data you have, but what you do with it. At PFM, we analyse & interpret data for our clients in order to find answers that enable smart decision making, optimise store staff- & store performance and increase revenue.


At PFM, everything is about data, combining and applying it in and around physical stores, shopping centres, stations and shopping streets. Our data specialists work with a wide range of qualitative (social behaviour) and quantitative (visitor numbers) data from 3rd party channels.