pfm footfall intelligence: people counting, data analysis & interpretation


Footfall counter

The Footfall counters provided by PFM Footfall Intelligence count al people coming in and out of a specific area or space. Counting people systems can provide enormous amounts of useful information. This quantitative approach provides data that makes it possible to allocate your marketing budget in the most optimal way. Operational and strategic decisions will be made with solid data. But how does a footfall counter work exactly? Which system matches your location best? Which data will you see in the weekly report? We have thought about all these elements. Counting customers using a system from PFM Footfall Intelligence means consistent and reliable data including comprehensive analyses and interpretation of the results by our data consultants.  



Which footfall counter best matches your location?

We are broadly experienced in counting customers and have implemented a focus on the following 4 commercial areas: shops, shopping centres, stations and streets. Every market asks for a different approach. We realize that, which is why our solution is always tailor-made to the specific location and customer. We supply different packages. This ranges from a simple battery-powered infrared system to a combination of IP camera and state-of-the-art laser technology. In need of a wireless system? No problem. Together we will reach the most appropriate counting solution for your location.

We count in  

Over 35.000 shops

Over 30 transport hubs
450 shopping centres
More than 600 streets


Footfall counting to increase conversion ratio and optimise store performance   

The collected data is the foundation of our service. The provided data allows you  to make thoughtful and grounded decisions about for example the allocation of staff or the improvement of the product portfolio and customer service. These are important elements concerning the increase in conversion rate and the most optimal store performance. Footfall data helps understand:

  • The amount of customers at a certain location and time
  • The conversion percentage of customers
  • The tracks/routes customers take
  • Where physical frictions arise
  • The effectiveness of promotional campaigns

All this data allows you to make the most of in-store traffic data to increase conversion rates.

Count customers discretely, carefully and reliably   

The footfall counters of PFM Footfall Intelligence help you to map the amount of customers that enter and leave your location in a safe and reliable manner. The real-time analyses and understandings of customer data provide the opportunity to predict the expected customers in a certain period. These predictions are 80 – 95% accurate. Use this data to optimise business decisions and, in turn, boost store performance and profits. All data is checked daily and will always be sent in a clear weekly dashboard safely. 


Ready for you footfall counter?

Curious to see what we can do for your location? Contact us through +44 7771 642181 or Together we will achieve all the insights and information needed to make the best strategic and operational decisions. Our data specialists interpret the data from your location and these understandings are the basis of your business (marketing) decision making. When it comes to counting and analysing customer data, we are your experienced consultancy partner.