PFM Footfall:
real-time Valuable insights in visitor numbers 

Crowd Control

 All businesses currently have to comply with government guidelines and restrictions on the amount of people in retail and public spaces. Meanwhile, at PFM Footfall Intelligence we specialise in people counting and related data science for crowd control and to ensure business continuity. Our smart & reliable people counting solutions provide accurate footfall data which leads to valuable insights. As a result, you will be able to effectively manage people flow across single or multiple locations. Our technology will assist you in following the rules on social distancing.

We count in  

Over 35.000 shops

Over 30 transport hubs
450 shopping centres
More than 600 streets

The right tools for crowd control 

At PFM we offer our clients the right tools for active crowd control at their locations. Ever since Covid-19, the need for managing visitor numbers has been advised in public spaces. Counting and managing people is the only real way to keep the advised 1.5 meters distance. As for shops and shopping centres, an active door policy is essential. Consequently, people counting is the first step to crowd control. PFM Real-Time and Heatmaps solutions can help you stay on top of public health regulations and therefore prevent situations such as closing shopping areas.  

Moving from manual to automatic counting 

There are many different ways to manually count people. For example through hand counters, apps on mobile phones, or a maximum number of baskets or carts at the entrance. But nowadays it is important to count in the most efficient way possible. At PFM, we are specialised in counting people fully automatically. We measure, control and monitor passer-by and visitor flows in public areas for crowd control. Actively managing incoming and outgoing visitors will help you deploy staff more efficiently and will alert you when the crowds per m2 increase. Read more about our different ways of counting.

Real-time dashboards  

If you want to measure visitors real-time, you need 3 things: a working internet connection on location, a new generation of stereo motion sensor, and a tablet or screen to track the results. Based on a simple interface you can now see how many people are present at your location at any time of the day. When the maximum occupancy rate at your location is reached, you will receive a message so that you can take immediate action. We know that every location requires a different approach. So of course we offer every customer a fully custom-made dashboard. In this dashboard you can, for example, see total occupancy and zone occupancy. If you have any special wishes or other valuable insights that you would like to see in your dashboard, we will make that work too. 

Crowd control and valuable insights

The locations we count in

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, limited visitor numbers are allowed in public areas. Our counting solutions can help you cope with these restrictions. At PFM we don’t work with ready-to-use packages and always offer a tailor-made solution. We always set up a plan of action applied to your specific location and wishes. We specialise in counting in 4 focus areas: shops, shopping centers, streets and stations. However, we also offer tailor made solution for other locations. Curious to see what we can do for your location? Contact us and we’ll have a look together.

Crowd control measures ensure a safe shopping environment 

People counting provides actionable and valuable insights into visitors, crowds, space occupancy and foot traffic. Even existing systems can be upgraded to an occupancy system. We are always open to discuss the most suitable solution for you. Get in touch and we are happy to help you.