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Footfall & door policy, PFM offers the solution

On Monday evening, March 23, the Dutch government announced far-reaching measures to further regulate passer-by and visitor flows. These measures affect all our retail clients and relations and require adequate implementation of an active door policy to manage social distancing in these difficult times. It is only a  matter of time before similar regulations are […]

Syntrus Achmea works with PFM

When managing shopping centers, insight into visitor flows is of great importance. Many real estate investors use a counting system for this purpose, including Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance.Boris van der Gijp (Director of Commercial Real Estate at Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance): “In recent years we have gained broad experience with counting […]

Black Friday Data

A lot has been said about Black Friday. Stakes were high! Some were very negative upfront, others positive! Based on recent news coverage it is fair to say Black Friday helped several big retailers achieve record sales! At PFM we like to look at the footfall numbers during Black Friday (and the Saturday after). YoY […]