“We compare in the long term whether data from people counting devices relate to counting data of passers-by. Based on this we can determine how we can remain attractive in shopping streets and consumers visit us more often. That only works with consistent application of counting data."

Theo Koomen, Director Lucardi

Company information Lucardi
With over 100 stores, Lucardi is by far the largest jewellery chain in the Netherlands. Lucardi is always up to date with the latest trends in jewellery and watches. In addition to being hip and trendy, it is also important for Lucardi to be affordable.

Lucardi distinguishes itself from the traditional jeweller on a number of points. The open store front is very inviting, the stores are arranged so that you can make your own choice and the jewellery is clearly presented in glass showcases.

Lucardi is a professional organisation that wants to optimally serve its customers. This means that they have been working with people counting systems for many years to have a clear overview on busiest hours, deploy sufficient staff and gain more insight in the conversion per store.

All Lucardi stores have a PFM people counting system. Lucardi collects the data centrally from the stores and processes it in its own management report.

The solution provided by PFM offers Lucardi management important insights into the number of visitors to all its stores. This way, they know how many visitors there have been in each Lucardi store. By using this data they can ensure optimal staffing based on the expected number of visitors to each store. Thanks to years of collecting footfall data per day and per hour, Lucardi is capable of predicting how busy it will be in the stores. The data from the people counting sensors are crucial in supporting the management to make important decisions.

More information about Lucardi can be found here.