Esports Game Arena

'Super quick service from PFM. Within a week, there was a technician at our doorstep and we had a functioning counting system'.

Marcel Petit, Operationeel directeur Esports Game Arena


Company information Esports Game Arena 
The # 1 location for esports and gaming in the Netherlands. The doors in Alphen aan den Rijn have been opened since 13 October 2017! It is a fantastic place with a platform for (inter) national top teams, a studio for online content, an esport bar where you do not miss a single game and a LAN with PCs and consoles for all the fun! The Esports Game Arena is the basis for game events in the Netherlands.

The Esports Game Arena organizes competitions for various games, tournaments, release events of games and hardware and influencer meetings, but is also widely used as a place where visitors come together to play freely or have a drink. They knew a lot of people visited their site, but they had no idea about specific numbers. Bart Schmitz, CEO of PFM Footfall Intelligence, walked in out of curiosity and started a conversation with Marcel Petit, operational director at Esports Game Arena. It soon became clear the services of PFM could be of great value to Esports Game Arena.

The request was reasonably 'straight forward'. Data on the number of people visiting their location daily. In addition, they wanted to have insight into the number of visitors during events. Recently, the World Championship Mario Kart was held at Esports Game Arena in Alphen aan den Rijn. The peak in visitor numbers during such events offers many insights. This data helps to make an estimate of the expected number of visitors at future events, which can be very valuable during conversations with (future) sponsors. The Esports Game Arena has multiple partnerships with companies that have a great interest in reaching the young target group that is difficult to reach via traditional media (TV, radio, websites).

Daily insight into visitor numbers is a great step forward for Esports Game Arena. The online tool in which the data is retrieved is a big plus for Marcel Petit, Operational Director Esports Game Arena. The quick installation is also experienced as very positive. ‘After the second meeting, I knew I wanted the system as soon as possible. Three days later there was a mechanic at our doorstep! Totally fantastic’, says Marcel Petit.

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