''The software PFM offers is interesting for us to know what the visitor numbers are in the center. In addition, we also gain insight into specific locations in the center during trade tradeshows. In the long term, we want to link this information to visitor profiles in order to gain even more insights into movements.''
Marijn Verschure, General Manager C.A.S.T.

Company information C.A.S.T.
C.A.S.T. is located in the center of the Netherlands and is the trading platform for shoes, bags, leather goods, travel articles and accessories. C.A.S.T. presents itself as a modern indoor shopping center and has an area of ​​20,000 m2. Together agents, importers, wholesalers and representatives of domestic and foreign manufacturers present an international selection of more than 600 brands in 160 showrooms.

C.A.S.T. not only houses permanent exhibitors, but also organizes tradeshows and events in which guest exhibitors with particularly interesting collections participate. The management has indicated that they want to have more insight into the visitor movements within C.A.S.T. and project this information on the type of 'visitors'. In addition, there is the possibility to build an app to share information with these visitors in the future. Everything with the focus to better match supply and demand of the (potential) customer.

PFM provided C.A.S.T. with several counting points to map the hotspots. We use the latest technology with an accuracy of 98%. The data from these sensors is visible in the PFM Advantage Dashboard and ensures there is 24/7/365 insight into visitor numbers. In addition, there is 'almost' real-time access to visitor numbers per zone, floor and total.

C.A.S.T has a great focus on professionalisation. In addition to the regular opening days, they also offer exhibitors special opening days focused on a specific product segments and tradeshows to serve the right visitors. By gaining more insight into visitor numbers during such days, C.A.S.T. is able to evaluate these specific days. With these valuable insights, C.A.S.T. able to optimise their business.

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