ABOUT PFM Footfall Intelligence

we count & connect people

PFM Footfall Intelligence started in 1982, when FLUCON was founded in the Netherlands. What began with measuring oil and water soon developed into a company measuring and counting passenger- and visitor flows. Today we specialise in people counting and related data science. Working directly with clients across a range of sectors we offer a highly experienced team to design, procure and manage the implementation of ICT, Audio Visual and Intelligent Building technology. Technology and innovation have always been in our DNA. Throughout the years we added offices in several countries and collaborated with partners in order to expand our business globally. Our greatest strength lies in combining the right knowledge, expertise and technology to serve and fulfill our customers best interest in achieving their marketing effectiveness and profitability goals.  

constant innovation

We apply our technology to the wishes and requirements of our customers and provide reliable and valuable insights that will help in increasing traffic, conversion rates and growing their market share. In addition to data collection and delivering accessible reports, we provide a daily data check, advise on data output and a complete interpretation support. Innovation being of a  great importance in serving our customers, we constantly provide the latest developments in data collection, such as real time data, augmented reality and targeted forecasting. This enables the customer to make the right decisions strategically and operationally.


It is our mission to support and improve your business by helping you to optimise your return on investments. We believe that combining different data steams gives you new insights that can help you run your business better, now and in the future.


Become market leader in supplying quality and innovative counting systems for retail, communities, shopping malls and carriers. Besides high quality in (flexible) data collection, complex analysis and delivering accessible reports, constant innovation is of great importance in serving our customers. We provide the latest developments in data collection, such as real time data, augmented reality and targeted forecasting.


We ensure the best quality and high customer satisfaction with our service. We do this not only with the right products and technology, but also with our enthusiastic team! Each team member is a specialists in his or her field of expertise. People with a lot of knowledge and experience that enable us to provide the right solution for each request.



PFM Footfall Intelligence values the careful handling of data. We there- fore decided to join the PrivacySIG. The Privacy Special Interest Group is a non profit organisation consis- ting of companies involved in the next generation of visitor analytics. It has developed a common "Code of Conduct" which is an agreement between all members to follow common rules to ensure the privacy of individuals. www.privacysig.org

city traffic

City Traffic has been the specialist in the field of footfall counting in the public arena for many years. They measure how busy it is in shopping areas 24 hours a day, but also what the impact of construction projects on passenger flows. City Traffic has developed a range of products that support policy makers and entrepeneurs in making the right decisions based on footfall data. www.citytraffic.nl


Softwear offers ready-made solutions for the fashion-, sports-, shoe- and lingerie industry. With over 25 years of experience in the automation of retail shops, webshops and retail chains, they know how to support their customers. From product imports to check-out shop and link to link to an accounting package, softwear offers the whole package.  More information: www.softwear.nl


Vendit is a software company that focuses on the automation of retail, Wholesale and franchisers purchasing organisations. With its software VMSII®, Vendit has become one of the leading producers and suppliers of automation solutions. Vendit is also a member of the Foundation Reliable Payment systems and carries the Certified Reliable cash register company. www.vendit.nl.

Privacy Protocol

PFM values your privacy. The role of privacy in our services, what steps PFM has taken to ensure privacy and what we do to protect your personal information can be found on this page.