Annual overview of visitor counts in the Netherlands

Another year has gone by. Corona is still taking hold, resulting in lockdowns, staggered shopping, keeping to the half-metre mark and the use of a mouth mask. What effect does this have on the crowds in the Dutch district centres & inner-city shopping centres?

Last year we had to deal with the measures concerning corona. 1.5 metres or not, mouth caps on and mouth caps off. Sinterklaas, who could not physically go everywhere, but fortunately was present in abundance online. Black Friday became Black Week, Christmas and New Year's Eve were celebrated at home again. The category 1 fireworks turned out to be very professional in many cases and so, it seems, we easily adapt to changing circumstances.

But what effect has this had on visitor numbers in Dutch community centres and inner-city shopping centres? At PFM we measure these visitor numbers and we can state that in 2021 we will have counted every Dutch person over the age of 10 an average of 22 times this year, this means that last year we counted no less than 343 million people over the age of 10. Here is an annual overview with the busiest moments for you in a row.

What strikes us here is that we can link some figures to measures taken last year, for example we saw the effect of the Dansen met Jansen evening on 16 July as the busiest evening of the year and 18 December, the last day we could do our Christmas shopping at non-essential shops, was the busiest day of the year.

In the images above you can find all the busiest moments again, are you curious about the results in your own assets? We would like to take a look with you!