Weekly overview footfall development in the UK

An update on the footfall development of the last two weeks in the UK. We compare different regions of the UK to the previous week and the previous year.

Week 46

The week of November 9th was the first full week of lockdown in the UK and the first week that Wales came out of their two-week fire break. Not surprisingly, we see decreases compared to both last week, and last year. However, the lockdown did not affect Scotland and Northern Ireland. Comparing week on week, the index is down -26.1%, albeit Scotland and Northern Ireland both showed increases of 3% and 6.6% respectively. Compared to last year, the gap increased to -68.5% from -55.5% the previous week.

Week 47

The second full week of lockdown has seen an increase in visitors through the English regions and Northern Ireland compared to the week before. Scotland, however, saw a slight decrease of 3.5% after the region went into lockdown from 6 pm on Friday the 20th, despite Thursday and Friday seeing noticeable increases ahead of the lockdown. The number of visitors in Scotland is only down by 32.2% last year as the lockdown only started Friday. In contrast, the South West sees the biggest percentage decrease compared to other regions. The number of visitors in this region is down by 83.9% compared to the same week in 2019.

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