How to manage visitor numbers during lockdown and beyond

The English used to love a good queue. A typical day at Alton Towers for example, 3 hours of driving, 5 hours of patient, silent, queuing…. And then 4 minutes of roller coaster. How times have changed! A good honest English queue has gone from a comfortable national occupation to something to avoid, something to fear even. At Shopping Centres, in grocery stores, anywhere where people still need to visit in numbers there are queues that have to be managed in order to keep your staff and the public safe. The good news is we can help you.

The quick win

We can provide you with a weekly heatmap that clearly demonstrates the recent historic footfall at your centre or shop, to put on your website. This allows you to tell your customers when the peak hours are likely to be, so they can make an informed choice on when is best to shop, effectively using information to assist in managing visitor numbers. 

We can even provide an overview in which your specific locations numbers are compared with our UK index. This report is sent on a weekly basis using your existing data, without need for latest technology.  

Real-Time Data – Occupancy Dashboard

Improved reporting

We can take your existing data (again no need for technology upgrade), and create a totally bespoke reporting suite based on the Microsoft Power BI platform. Our consultants take all of your reporting requirements and create a totally unique suite of reports, tailored to your specific needs, available anywhere, anytime on any device. 
We can also provide a dashboard with real time data, an overall or zoned occupancy number (how many people are there, right now) and shortly a user configurable traffic light alert system. This really is the most you can do to keep the public and your people safe. The solution needs internet connectivity and the most accurate sensors, but this is the cutting edge of queue management technology.  Get in touch with us today!