The Dutch have avoided inner cities since the outbreak of Corona Covid-19

Against all odds, January started very positively for retail in the Netherlands. Even February remained fairly positive despite the stormy weather. And then on February 27, the Corona virus reached the Netherlands. Since then, the virus has been the topic of conversation and reporting every day. There has been a run for antibacterial soap and disinfectant gel, people find empty shelves in the supermarket and the toilet paper is also about to run out. Or is not as bad as they say? 

Based on the expertise of PFM Footfall Intelligence, we looked at the effect of the growing number of patients with the coronavirus Covid-19 in the Netherlands on footfall numbers in Dutch shopping centers. Is there a difference between different cities and regions in the country? Since Friday 6 March, residents of the province of Noord-Brabant got specific advice to limit social contacts (in case of specific complaints).

The graph shows that the first few days after the first Dutch Corona Covid-19 patient, people didn’t feel the need to stay at home. The turning point came on Wednesday, March 4th. From that day it can be seen that the number of infections has increased significantly. On Thursday, the number of patients with the coronavirus rose to 82. On this day, footfall numbers in Dutch inner-city shopping centers dropped with 20%. Inner-city shopping centers in North Brabant showed a decrease of no less than 27%.