Footfall & door policy, PFM offers the solution

Crowd control and valuable insights | Real-Time Occupancy Measurement

Governments around the world are announcing far-reaching measures to further regulate passer-by and visitor flows during the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore PFM decided to look at how technology might be deployed to assist businesses struggling to trade, but also stay compliant with new rules on social distancing. These measures affect all businesses in different ways and require adequate implementation of an active door policy to manage the social distancing process. With the "Real-Time Occupancy Measurement" PFM can display, with 99% accuracy, how many people you currently have at your business location. 

Based on a simple interface, your staff can manage the flow of people to ensure you adhere to the new rules on social distancing and protect everyone whilst at the same time complying with regulations. 

We understand that these times are extremely challenging for everyone financially. To assist you as a partner during these times, we are offering a rental solution for these systems for a short period. If a solution like this would help your business manage customer flow better, please contact us today for more information. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is currently using this system.