Planet PFM: our world of data and retail analytics

In a world of data driven decision making were IoT and data are key topics every day, how can you make innovation innovative?

By doing something quite out of the ordinary! Some years ago Bart Schmitz, CEO of the PFM Intelligence Group, had an idea. He wanted to create a mobile demonstration model to present the products and services of PFM in the most amazing way. But as with many idea’s, which are a bit out of the ordinary, problems arise everywhere and conventional wisdom from his surroundings were not exactly in his favour. Questions like “what are the costs, how are you going to arrange transportation, what if it doesn’t work” etc was all he heard. Time went by and people tried to talk some sense into him, but he decided to go for it and went all in!!

The mobile demonstration unit has to be transported on a truck. Since it was his idea he figured he would be the one to drive this truck, so learning how to drive a truck was first on his list. Since Bart always wears a suit, the ‘suited truckdriver’ was born. Purchasing a PFM branded truck was also on his list. And what about the mobile unit, or as he likes to call it ‘the PFM experience center’?

And now… It is all happening!! In the next 6 months we are preparing the PFM ambition on wheels! This unique truck tells a unique story in the world of retail analytics. Check out the website and the youtube channel. This is one of those unique stories worth following. The first ride of the Planet PFM Truck with the inspiring Data Roadshow is set for this summer! Claim your demo day now!