Black Friday Data

A lot has been said about Black Friday. Stakes were high! Some were very negative upfront, others positive! Based on recent news coverage it is fair to say Black Friday helped several big retailers achieve record sales! At PFM we like to look at the footfall numbers during Black Friday (and the Saturday after). YoY we see an increase of 7% on Black Friday 2019. When comparing Black Friday 2019 to the week before, we see an increase of 33%. The Saturday after Black Friday has also proven to be a successful day. YoY we measured an increase of 2.8% in footfall. Compared to the week before we saw an increase of 7.3% in footfall on the Saturday after Black Friday. Several factors have contributed to this years’ success of Black Friday. For example the timing of the event this year on 29th of the month, which coincides with the monthly payday for millions of workers. Last year Black Friday was on 23 November, well before payday for many.