Ready for the holiday season?

Even though it is ‘only’ October the holiday season is already in full swing. The importance of retail’s performance in the coming months can determine a store’s trajectory in a year where the industry has had some serious struggles. With almost weekly news on bankruptcies and brands having difficulties keeping their numbers positive, the stakes are quite high for the coming months in retail. How can you stand out as a retailer in the 2019 holiday season?

Highlight promotions
Shoppers are always looking for a deal, so highlighting savings might be the best way retailers can position themselves. The 2018 holiday season showed that price cutting is starting earlier and lasting longer. The best way to get people to engage early is by offering calculated deals that are more targeted.

Are you ready online?
Black Friday has increased in popularity in Europe over the last couple of years. A main friction point with Black Friday is online traffic. During Black Friday through Cyber Monday, retailers could find out their websites may not be able to handle the increase in online traffic. Make sure your website is ready for the most important online event of the year.

Create an instore experience
Brick-and-mortar shopping is still crucial in landing sales. Retail needs to win in an area that online can’t win, which is to make the experience more personal. The concept of making an experience memorable will help retailers to stand out. Look for ways to differentiate!