Data as an essential management tool for Hoog Catharijne

‘The interpretation of our big data is too complex to just simply do by yourself on a spreadsheet. It’s a profession in its own right and we’re happy about the part PFM plays in all this. Good working hardware is only half the story, good reports are the other half.’ Jeroen Puik, Deputy Center Director Hoog Catharijne SCN talking to Jeroen Puik (Deputy Center Director of Hoog Catharijne) and Wendy Hulshof (Senior Business Consultant at PFM Footfall Intelligence) about the use of data from footfall systems. Hoog Catharijne has been counting footfall for a long time. Data is used for several purposes, for example to investigate the effects of the new layout. In addition, the leasing department uses these data extensively. And what about the relationship between turnover rent and data? Download the article here. Or read the article below.