Products: PFM Forecast

In addition to the footfall data that PFM manages on behalf of our clients, we also offer various products to make predictions for the future footfall performance of your assets, such as the PFM Event Monitor and the PFM Forecast. The PFM Forecast is a detailed overview of what you can expect in the coming year for your shopping centre or entire portfolio. In this overview you will find information on how socio-economic key drivers and the Retail real estate industry are expected to develop and also their impact on data such as unemployment and purchasing power.

Population growth and the development of this regionally also features in the PFM Forecast. We will link this data to the expected effect on retail property, for example, what does the urbanisation trend mean for your Retail Destination? Does the trend have a different impact depending on the type of Retail Destination? 

The development of online spending remains an important subject and is included in the forecast. How does online spending develop in various sectors and to what extent will your asset be effected by the impact of online spending?

You will find a lot of information about the expected number of visitors in the PFM forecast covering Shopping Centres, Shops, Streets and Stations. How does footfall trend differ between centres that focus on daily supply versus recreational shopping? If you add information on vacancy and bankruptcy rates using both historical data and an element of prediction what effect does this have?

We will link all the information in PFM Forecast to our client’s specific business creating valuable insights to continually improve site operations and compare against business strategic planning.

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