Products: PFM Annual Overview

We offer numerous products so we can give our customers even more insight into the performance of their retail real estate, for example an extensive annual overview of one or more locations. When preparing an annual overview, specific requirements are always discussed with the client upfront. We like to include external data (such as weather, CBS, CPB, etc.) in your annual overview to make sure the report is as complete as possible.

This annual overview not only contains information about the overall development of footfall numbers. You will find information on how weekdays are developing and the amount of visitors per weekday. This provides a lot of insight into the peak moments throughout the week and which days are performing best compared to previous years. 

We enrich this data with an analysis of the shopping evenings and shopping Sundays. What are the busiest hours on a shopping evening and are there any specifics on certain days?

In this annual review, we provide important insights into the development of various entrances of your location(s). Which entrance performs well, what stands out and especially what can you do with this information? What does it mean when a shift has taken place and how can this be explained? Peak moments are displayed in attractive graphs and heatmaps, which offers a clear overview of all information.

Of course there is also room for benchmarking in the annual overview. What does it mean if you see an increase in footfall numbers? Is this a national trend or is it only your location that is performing well? We look at different indices that apply to you.

Finally, you will also find analyses of major events (if applicable) in your annual overview. When analysing an event, various factors must be taken into account, such as the day of the week, the weather and on which date the event takes place. For example, if an event in your shopping centre takes place on a Saturday, this may have a different effect on the number of visitors than on a Wednesday. By including this information in our analysis correctly, we can determine the success of your event very accurately.

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