Introducing: Matthieu Bletgen, CFO PFM Intelligence Group

We are happy to announce that Matthieu Bletgen took on the role of CFO of the PFM Intelligence Group. Matthieu is an expert in growth strategies, business development, process optimisation, M&A, working capital optimisation and much more. Following a successful career at KPMG, Matthieu decided to further his experience in other financial roles at the Baarsma Wine Group and the legal successor of the Business to Consumer Division e-Luscious. In the role of FD/CFO he led the business to consumer division e-Luscious in international growth in online wine – and coffee retail. Most recently he served as CFO of Equipe Zorgbedrijven, an independent fast growing (organic and non-organic) group of specialised clinics with several locations throughout the Netherlands.

All these companies had the following in common: 
A dynamic market    -    Fast developing technologies    -    Passionate teams to execute growth strategies 

‘I believe that the PFM Intelligence Group more than meets these requirements. The entrepreneurship of Bart Schmitz (CEO of  the PFM Intelligence Group) is inspiring and provides a clear picture of the growth strategy that will lead to global leadership in data analytics”, says Matthieu Bletgen.

As a person Matthieu believes ‘passion’ for something, one of the key values of PFM, is one of the most important attributes to being successful. Besides he believes that being a CFO is more than just number crunching. A successful CFO is looked upon as a business partner across the entire organisation and someone who has strong relationships that can help lead a company through various stages of growth and change.

“I look forward to working with the PFM team, it will be an exciting journey”.