The ‘customer journey’ as a starting point for technological developments

There are so many technological developments within Retail that people often get overwhelmed. As a company, do you want to invest in augmented reality, focus on e-commerce or link data to be able to do better forecasting? At PFM we advise for example retailers on which technological developments could be beneficiary to their business. What innovations could really contribute to their customers shopping experience? What does the customer need most?

Ultimately it is all about making progress. With all the available techniques, however, it is important to make the right choice. Commercial interest is an important factor here, which is why it can be useful to include people with a commercial background in the search for technological opportunities. By doing so there is more focus on the ‘people’ (customers or colleagues) rather than technology only.

It is important to make a choice between techniques you can develop further and the ones you‘d better ignore. It is impossible to follow all trends at the same time. Be critical on the right technology that is applicable to your organization.

At PFM we offer technological solutions focussed on optimising (improving) the customer experience. Smart data usage enables you as a retailer to adjust your strategy whenever necessary. We offer insights in visitors numbers so for example peak moments can be taken into account during staffing. This way you can always offer the best customer experience. Besides with our people counting systems, you can also determine whether a new shop window attracts your customers, which location in your store a product introduction is best suited and you can use data to make predictions. This way, technology offers you many options with your client as the starting point. Want to know more? Get in touch with us via