Rental prices based on Footfall numbers

Wendy Hulshof, senior business consultant at PFM Intelligence Group (known for its counting systems in shopping centers and other retail  areas), processes collected and other related data. This data is already informing clients in their decision making and is also providing new insights between footfall and rental prices. What’s the right rental price for a shop? A question that is traditionally answered by the property manager, possibly in collaboration with a real estate agent, but that might all change soon thanks to PFM, global leaders in the field of creating value from data.
Hulshof: 'We collect and process huge amounts of data with our counting systems in city centers and shopping centers and we came up with another idea to use this data to create a model for rental prices. This has been a process that has been based on gut feeling and experience in order for PFM to provide supporting data evidence whilst separating subjectivity from the rental pricing model argument. We thought it was necessary to create a system that is quicker, more efficient and objective.' Download the full article here. Or read it below.
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