Footfall Predictions in the run-up towards Christmas

The most beautiful time of the year is almost here!! This means that Christmas shopping is in full swing. Whether you are a retailer and wish to prepare for peak hours or you want to go shopping yourself, we can help by predicting what you could expect during this years’ Christmas Rush. This way can make your preparations run smoothly in the run-up towards Christmas.

Based on historical data, we are able to make predictions. Around this time it is good to see what could be expected in the UK shopping streets and shopping centres. As a Christmas shopper you might want to buy presents or do your grocery shopping when it’s not as busy, or maybe you enjoy shopping streets with lots of visitors? As a retailer you would like to plan your staff during peak hours.

In the graphic you can see these first days of the pre-Christmas week the number of visitors is increasing towards the busiest days on Friday and Saturday, Saturday will feel more crowded than Friday as shops close earlier. We also expect a rush of last minute Christmas shoppers on Monday, not only with it being Christmas Eve, but also due to the shorter trading hours. Do you like busy streets and lots going on? Hit the city on Friday or Saturday and even on Monday you’ll find yourself shopping during peak hours! Do you prefer some space and less people, how about Sunday or later in the evening?

We hope that with these tips you can prepare yourself and enjoy Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at PFM!