Can you lose visitors when you have a counting system?

Recently an article was published on the ‘loss’ of a million visitors thanks to counting systems that could not count. You might be wondering how is this possible? From our perspective, we believe this should not be possible. It all comes down to personal attention and customer service, something that we take great pride in at PFM Footfall Intelligence. We value strong partnerships based on trust and transparency with our clients. When we install a counting system, that’s when the fun really starts as you begin to see your environment come alive in the PFM Dashboard and understand how visitors are using the space from the insights that the data provides. PFM data managers check your data daily for any inconsistencies to ensure quality of service and our data science team often work as an extension to our clients and provide consultancy and bespoke analysis. Because we work like this any discrepancies are alerted and investigated further if needed. In short, PFM takes a pro-active approach in getting to the root cause of any unusual change, such as an event, loss in power to a sensor or something simple like a Christmas decorations blocking the view, this way our clients are never ‘surprised’ by extreme numbers that cannot be explained. If you would you like to know more about our services, please contact